Hamas In Their Own Words

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The exiled Hamas leader, Khaled Meshaal, speaks at a press. The fact that Meshal realises that his words will be scrutinised by his allies and.

Using semi-structured interviews, 35 incarcerated Middle Eastern terrorists have been interviewed – 21 islamic terrorists representing hamas (and its armed wing Izz a-Din al Qassan), Islamic Jihad, and Hizballah, and 14 secular terrorists from Fatah and its military wing, PFLP and DFLP. The purpose of the research was to understand their psychology and decision-making in general, and with.

Hamas, in their own words – Popular christian videos hamas is a terrorist organization in which it is determined to eliminate the Jews, Christians, and America. Obama administration approved $900 million aid to rebuild Gaza using a UN NGOs that uses Hamas members as employees.

The first complete, fully documented portrait of Hamas-its charitable work and its. Levitt discusses his book at the transatlantic institute brussels, Belgium.

In other words, this many-round war is. Israel’s objective in each round is to hit Hamas with such force that they are incentivized to check the growing boldness of the other factions and keep.

In Their Own Words: Hamas. Its name is an acronym for Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiyya – The Islamic Resistance Movement. Its social service wing, Dawah, follows the model of Islamic welfare established by Muhammad. Dawah is divided into multiple departments: preaching and guidance, welfare, education, charity, health, and sport and reconciliation.

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"We shall keep disturbing the Zionists, until the last Zionist leaves leaves our Palestine land, all Palestine." "We are not talking about a peace agreement" "A truce" in the dictionary of the.

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Hamas in their own words. by Cameron Slater on January 21, 2009 at 1:26am. hat tip JihadWatch. It is always wise to study the words and actions of your enemies. This video shows you the words, actions and deeds of Hamas. These are the people that jihad-enablers like Bomber Bradbury thinks have.

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