‘Dobby’ elf creature mystery is ‘SOLVED’ as experts says CCTV is not doctored

A GLASS-floored ledge on the 103rd floor of a Chicago skyscraper CRACKED as a family stepped on it on Monday. Footage taken by frightened tourists shows the shattered transparent floor of a viewing platform at the city’s famous Willis Tower.

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The whole thing descends into a bland murder mystery that, in a textbook example, is made interesting by how it is told (i.e., through a science-fiction filter that allows time travel, fate shifting and suspension of disbelief). There was never closure to Quaid and Caveziel’s relationship.

‘Dobby’ elf creature mystery is ‘SOLVED’ as experts says CCTV is not doctored . TOM YUCK . Thai restaurant diners horrified as fluid from a CORPSE leaks through ceiling . DECADES OF HELL . Paedo raped stepdaughter, 11, for 20yrs and fathered 8 kids in Fritzl echo .

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Dobby’ elf creature mystery is SOLVED’ as experts says CCTV is not doctored . TOM YUCK. Thai restaurant diners horrified as fluid from a CORPSE leaks through ceiling . LEFT TO ROT. World’s most disgusting zoo sees monkeys and crocodiles rotting in filthy cages .

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THE mystery of a creature compared to elf ‘Dobby’ from Harry Potter spotted on CCTV wandering outside a woman’s home could have been solved by internet ‘experts’.

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